Whole Child School newsletter for September
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In this issue: First day of school, class get-togethers, curriculum night on Sept 24th, frequently asked questions, requests for help, and a fun fall event in October.  

And they’re off…to school! The Whole Child School opened its doors on Tuesday for its first day of school. This incredible milestone was reached thanks to the talent and hard work of many people, and we would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who had a part in getting the school ready to open – the teachers, staff including principal Teresa Tafaro and the facilities staff including head caretaker Walter Ip, parents and student volunteers, especially the Exterior and Interior Committees, and many others who volunteered time, materials and expertise.  

During the last few days of summer, there were grade-specific events for the parents, students and teachers to meet. Here are highlights from some of those events:  

JK/SK: Thank you to Sandee and Deb for taking time out of their planning for the school and attending and providing a puppet show which the kids really enjoyed.  The digital scavenger hunt was great way to meet others and the surprise was face-painting. 

Gr 2: Climbing, spinning, laughing.  Sunshine. A roundabout filled with happy children yelling ‘faster, faster’.  This was the scene at the Grade 2 playdate & picnic held in the Measurement Park playground on the Saturday before school started.  We achieved our purpose, having the kids come together, get to know each other and begin their journey as a class in the gentle presence of their teacher, Robyn Stevan Matamoros and with the best wishes from those families, who we missed, that could not be there.  It was "organic" and "spontaneous" for both children and parents alike. 

Gr 3: The Grade 3 event was held on August 27th at 6pm.  It was organized as a Potluck Picnic social, we were fortunate to have 12 families attend as well as Tamara Brodey.  Good time and good food was had by all; the kids got some serious play time, the adults were able to talk and play a bit.  If you were not able to attend, we look forward to seeing you next time.   

If you have not received communications from your class representative, it's possible that they don't have the correct or complete contact info. Please contact your rep at the address below if you haven’t done so already so we can keep you up-to-date:  

The class reps are:

JK: Sean Hurst  simpleexecution [at] yahoo.ca

SK: Gary Wang mrgarywang [at] hotmail.com

Gr 1: Justin Groen justin.groen [at] sympatico.ca

Gr 2: Paula Jubinville pjubinville [at] aqueous.ca

Gr 3: Amy Goffin agoffin [at] sympatico.ca

Gr 4/5: Kristine Quan kdquan [at] hotmail.com  Note: Kristine is the interim class rep for Grade 4/5 – if anyone is interested in taking on this role please contact her.  

Mark Thursday September 24th in your calendars for the WCS Curriculum Open House starting at 7pm!  This event provides WCS parents with an opportunity to visit the WCS classrooms, hear a bit about what your teachers have planned for their classes, ask some general questions about the classroom environment, and get a sense of what the daily routines are. After the classroom visits on the 3rd Floor, everyone will assemble in the gym for refreshments and a welcome from our principal, Teresa Tafaro.  An information session will follow to discuss plans for the WCS School Council and Committees, as well as a few other informative presentations about WCS initiatives including previewing some samples of Outdoor Wear from vendors with whom we have negotiated group discounts. 

The launch of the school has been very successful, but as with any new endeavour there are still a few questions to figure out, for example: Do the extra clothes and footwear stay at school or travel home each day? What about the art supplies we were going to buy? What’s the exact dropoff protocol? And what’s this about purchasing a recorder? Rest assured that the questions have been heard and answers will be forthcoming shortly.  

For Curriculum Night on Sept 24th, we are asking for volunteers from each class who would like to bake some treats. Ideally we’d like 2 or 3 volunteers from each grade who are willing to bake and donate approximately 2 dozen cookies, muffins, brownies or other treats to share with the class. If you know what to do with semi-sweet chocolate chips and a 350 degree oven, please contact your class rep.  To go with the treats, we’re also looking for anyone with a large catering-style coffee urn or two willing to donate them for the evening.  

The outdoor committee is still looking for another couple of cable spools to use as tables in the kindergarten area, ideally slightly larger in diameter than the ones already there. If anyone has a contact that could obtain these, please let us know.  

And finally, please circle the date Saturday, October 24th, from 1:30-4:30pm, on your calendars. We will be having our “Harvest Homecoming” event at the school, a fun festival featuring seasonal events and activities for the kids. Planning has begun but we can always use more ideas and pairs of hands: if you’d like to be a part of it please let us know. More information to come early in October.    

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Help us make the WCS News better – please send any feedback or suggestions for the next issue to: brad.clarke [at] sympatico.ca. Deadline is September 30/09 for Oct issue.
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