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From: Whole Child School update (updatewholechildschool.ca)
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 19:43:32 -0800 (PST)
Dear Whole Child School Supporter:

We apologize for the delay between our supporter updates.  A lot has
happened since our last update at the community meeting held in October
2007, and we are very grateful for your continued patience and support.

We can now provide you with some long awaited answers.  While they may
not be what some of you were hoping for, there are many positives to
share with you all.

The Local Feasibility Team meeting in mid-November was, in summary, very
positive.  Superintendent Jill Worthy confirmed she sees merit in the
Whole Child School proposal and is intending to take it forward to the
Central Feasibility Team for their consideration.  Jill's support of our
proposal is critical and we are glad to have it.

One disappointing note from the LFT meeting was the School Board's
inability to accommodate our goal of opening the school in September
2008.  The new process for approving alternative schools will take
longer to complete than originally expected and cannot be completed in
time for opening this year.  Although many members of the organizing
committee found this disappointing, we are heartened by TDSB's
assurances that we are tracking well for a September 2009 opening.  This
delay in opening the school will actually allow us more time to work
through all the details prior to opening, thereby making our first year
as smooth and successful as possible.

We will be working over the next couple of months to move ahead with the
detailed planning for Whole Child School.  Some of the things we are
currently working on include:

  a.. A written description of a "Day in the Life" of Whole Child School
  b.. Our holistic approach to assessment
  c.. Our plans to address diversity
  d.. Our plans to confirm supporter community interest and commitment

With respect to last point, we are currently in the process of
redesigning our supporter survey to determine specific levels of
interest in sending your children to WCS, given the delayed opening
date.  Please stay tuned for another update letting you know when the
survey is ready for completion.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to sending you
more regular progress updates in the future.


The Whole Child School Organizing Committee

Kelly Drennan
Whole Child School
Organizing Committee - Outreach Program
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